Two Distinct Styles of Enameling
from which to choose:

2. Silhouette Painted Enamels

1. Miniature Painted Enamels

Miniature painted enamels are an elite enameling technique dating back to the 1500s. These highly detailed and subtly nuanced pieces must be ultimately secured in a frame mount. Mounts are often presented with decorative surrounds of gemstones, filigree, or other surface treatments. A copper substrate is cut to fit the frame mount and enameled on both sides to create a blank canvas for the miniature painted enamel. Painting pigments are hand mixed and applied in thin layers with various and specific oils to render the fine details of the subject. Each application of the pigments requires a separate firing in the enameling kiln.

Custom miniature painted enamel prices begin at $1,200.00 each, and are priced for the enamel only. Price also includes a preliminary drawing of the design. Costs for frame mounts can be priced separately or you may choose to have your personal jeweler mount your enamel.

These designs are first hand drawn on a copper substrate and are then cut out using a handheld jeweler’s saw. The blank copper silhouette is cleaned, enameled with a base coat, and counter-enameled (the reverse side). A commercially-prepared over glaze* is hand painted onto the front surface to provide detail before adding a final flux firing.

Non-custom standard inventory designs starting at $170.00 are occasionally available. Please contact Bev to see what designs are available.

Custom silhouette enamel prices begin at $395.00 each for a single animal. More complex pieces (with an additional animal or animals or other design elements) are quoted individually and include a preliminary drawing of the design before work begins.

*Within the enameling discipline, certain materials are no longer available (i.e., lead-bearing products). Bev will continue to make these popular pieces until her inventory of these finite materials is depleted. Please contact her to ensure these materials are still available.

Ordering Process:

Ordering a miniature painted enamel or silhouette painted enamel is easy. Bev will guide you through the process of collecting the most suitable images and the information needed to begin the artist/client collaboration. A nonrefundable fee of $150.00 initiates the design process and this fee is applied towards the final price.

Shipping charges are arranged with the client when the order is placed. Tennessee residents are charged state sales tax. All major credit cards are accepted via PayPal.


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