A miniature painted enamel by Bev Yokley will keep you forever connected to your beloved animal companion.

Photography credit to Louise Nuttle for the images of "eyes".

Benchwork on silhouette enamels in the studio

The diminutive and intimate scale of miniature painted enamels naturally draws viewers in for a closer look to examine the fine detail of this work. Questions are often asked. Conversations may ensue.  

Start to finish, these pieces are meticulously rendered and executed by hand using old world enameling techniques (with a little help from the modern technology use of an electric kiln). The desire to create a personality essence and a physical likeness of the enameled subject at hand is genuine and sincere.

Great care, skill and passion will see to it that the enamel is portraiture of a unique and recognizable animal companion. The idea of wearing these miniature representations close to one’s heart is somehow comforting and calming to many people. With that ultimate goal in mind, the stand-alone quality of the enamel itself will, also, be admired by generations to come.

Firing a piece of work in the enameling kiln

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